Onshore Gulf Coast, TX

Somos Tres (Frio 14000) Field (Samson 12.5% Working Interest)

Sabretooth Prospect (a.k.a. Davis Bintliff #1 well) Brazoria County, TX
The Sabretooth prospect was an exploratory opportunity located in Brazoria County, Texas - onshore Gulf Coast Basin. This prospect was supported by a 3-D seismic survey which exhibits various direct hydrocarbon indicators, including amplitude and AVO. The Davis Bintliff #1 well was drilled during the summer of 2008. The target sand of the Sabretooth prospect was the Text Tumidula sand found in the transitional Frio-Vicksburg sand section at a depth of 13,224' tvd. 56 feet of net pay was discovered in the well. The well is currently producing at a constrained and steady rate of 2.6 mmcfgd and 30 bopd. The well has produced approximately 5 BCFG and 58,000 BO to date. Estimated mean reserves for this well have been calculated at 10-12 BCFG with an upside of 20 BCFG.